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Hillary RNC video

Hillary and her Web of Lies: The RNC calls her out



Attempted Attack on Trump

A man almost reached Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump at a rally in Ohio this afternoon.  Secret Service were able to apprehend the man just before he reached Trump at the podium.  See the full story as reported by ABC...


Miracles From Heaven Official Trailer

Miracles From Heaven will prove to be one of 2016 most inspirational movies and the team from 94-5 WGTK-FM and EarthFM WRTH invite you to be our guest for a VIP screening on Thursday, March 10, 2016 at Hollywood 20 beginning at 7p.  CLICK HERE to register. ...


Australian Labor Party Workers Volunteer for Sanders

Project Veritas Action has just released a new video in a series which features undercover journalists exposing additional election law irregularities involving the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. In this video, the investigative trail begins when...


Carson Campaign Releases Cruz Voice Message

Dr Ben Carson’s campaign posted these recordings of voice messages reportedly from the Ted Cruz campaign.  According to Carson the Cruz campaign called precinct captains in Iowa during the caucuses telling them Ben Carson was suspending campaigning....


Bridge too short…or Truck too tall?

This is a funny video of trucks repeatedly trying to go under a bridge….that is clearly too short for safe...


Clemson Releases Video About Watson

The top-ranked  Clemson Tigers (and ACC Champs)is  not only the only undefeated team in college football, but is so proud to have  a Heisman candidate in quarterback Deshaun Watson. The Tigers  have released an awesome hype video for Watson’s Heisman...

Jaws 19

Back to the Future Day….Jaws 19 Didn’t Quite Make It!!

As we celebrate “Back to the Future Day” just what did actually take place that was predicted in the movie some 30 years ago?  Well, we know Jaws 19 never made it to the screen, but this didn’t stop  Universal Studios from making a...

War Room

War Room Huge Success Opening Weekend

Alex Kendrick thanks everyone for making the opening weekend a huge success for War Room.  War Room tells the story of how prayer and faith save the marriage of a young family.  Beating all expectations, War Room grossed $11.4 million in it’s opening...

War Room

War Room….in Theatres August 28th

It’s good to have a friend you can count on … and it’s good to be that friend for others. In this exclusive scene from WAR ROOM, Michael (played by comedian Michael Jr.) listens as Tony (T.C. Stallings) shares about his struggling marriage. War Room In...


Duncan Man Watches Snake on Security Cam

A Duncan man recently saw a snake climbing up a swing chain on his front porch on one of his security cams.  This is a little creepy…if you dare to...


The Search Continues for Baby Leaona

Nancy Grace continued her coverage of the search for Leaona Wright, the 1 year-old toddler who disappeared in Pendleton this past Saturday.  Conservative Talk 94.5’s  Joey Hudson appeared on the show again to discuss the changing strategy law...


Nancy Grace on the Continued Search for Baby Leaona

Conservative Talk 94.5’s Joey Hudson joined Nancy Grace again on day four of the search for baby Leaona Wright.  It was learned today that the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has suspended the ground search and will be  focusing on leads...

Baby Leaona

WGTK’s Joey Hudson on Nancy Grace

Joey Hudson, along with Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper, joined Nancy Grace to discuss the case of missing baby Leaona Wright in Pendleton,...

Every 3 Hours Someone is Hit by a Train

According to the Association of American Railroads a person or vehicle is struck by a train every three hours.  What makes this so tragic is that most all of these deaths are preventable.  People often just don’t realize how dangerous it is to walk on...


Hejaz Shrine Circus

Mike Gallagher got his chance to ride a circus elephant this past weekend at the Hejaz Shrine Circus at Timmons Arena in Greenville,...


TSA Officers Admit To Pat Downs For Pleasure

TSA Officers in Denver have admitted to illegal “pat downs” of male passengers coming through security.  It appears an agent would signal another agent when he found a particular male passenger attractive and the passenger would then be pulled...


Upcountry History Museum is Named Smithsonian Affiliate

Officials with the Upcountry History Museum announced today that the museum has been selected to be an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute.  One of only five other museums in SC to have this distinction, this partnership will allow residents of the...


Do Animals go to Heaven?

Hear Chaplain Mike Neil tell Joey Hudson on Week N Pulse his story of how the loss of his police dog lead him to Christ and the question of whether animals go to...


Dan Powell: Beating Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Hear the inspiring story of Dan Powell and how he turned to the St. Francis Cancer Center when told he had stage 4 lung cancer.  Dan is now helping others by starting a lung cancer support group which will meet at the St. Francis Cancer...

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