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The ‘Father of the Bride’ cast reunited after over 25 years

See what the cast looks like...

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Search underway in case of Brittanee Drexel, who was alleged killed, fed to alligators

FBI said Drexel was killed in 2009, fed to...

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Court date set for former OK senator charged with child prostitution

Former Oklahoma Sen. Ralph Shortey appeared before a judge for the first time on Friday after being charged with child...

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Woman who claimed she was kidnapped and gang raped admits it was all made up

Breana Talbott is now charged with making a false...

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School bus driver accused of vehicular manslaughter pleads not guilty

Johnthony Walker was arraigned via video Friday morning in Hamilton County Criminal Court. Walker is accused of vehicular manslaughter in a crash last year that killed 6...

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California to free 9,500 inmates to reduce state prison population

CA plans to free 9,500 inmates over the next four...

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Man poses as good Samaritan, steals 83-year-old’s car, police say

Police are looking for a man they say posed as a good Samaritan and took an 83-year-old woman’s...

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Rex Tillerson will attend NATO summit, says State Department

Tillerson had originally planned to skip March 31’st NATO summit, but a State Dept. official says he’ll be attending after...

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This girl’s 16th birthday gift from her grandpa will melt your heart

He’d been saving it for over a...

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Man who taped dog’s mouth shut is sentenced

A North Charleston man who admitted severely injuring a dog when he taped her mouth shut has been sentenced....

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Everyone is obsessed with this tool for cleaning cast iron skillets

The best part? It won’t strip the seasoned...

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Downtown Greenville’s pink building will soon be new and blue

An iconic downtown Greenville building, best known for its long-time tenant and its blushing color, will soon have a new occupant and a bit of...

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Paul Ryan tells Trump they don’t have votes on health care, says source

Trump has said he wants Republicans to pass the bill or live with Obamacare remaining...

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This SUV is the ‘top safety pick’ of 2017

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated this sport utility vehicle as the safest of the...

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Kraft Heinz lays off 200 workers in Canada, US

Kraft Heinz has layed off 200 workers in the US and Canada. The company has about 41,000 employees...

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The Village of West Greenville is slated to grow again.

Once a family furniture store, a 15,000 square-foot building is the next area to be...

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Appeals court sets hearing in challenge against travel ban

Civil liberties groups argued that Trump’s temporary ban on travel from six predominantly Muslim countries violated the Constitution....

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Health care bill clears procedural hurdle; heads toward full vote

Congress has pushed the health care bill toward a climactic final vote that is a big gamble for Republican...

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Police release mugshot of London Parliament attacker

Khalid Masood was identified as the suspect behind the deadliest London terror attack in 12 years. On Friday, police released his...

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Ina Garten has a new cooking show

The new series is called “Cook Like a...

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