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Amazon, recall dressers that can tip over and injure children

Amazon, and other online retailers are recalling dressers that can tip over and injure...

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Phishing scam targets Amazon users with fake order emails

A phishing scam is targeting Amazon users with emails about fake orders....

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Explosion reported at Murray State University in Kentucky

According to Murray State University’s official Twitter page, the explosion is said to have happened at Richmond Hall....

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Woman denied bond in crash that injured 6 children, paralyzing one

A 46-year-old woman accused of drinking and driving and causing a crash that seriously injured six children, one of them her son, was denied bond for six felony...

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For $14 million, you can live in Audrey Hepburn’s former home

For $14 million, you can live in this home once owned by Frank Sinatra and Audrey...

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22-year-old YouTuber shot dead by pregnant girlfriend in viral stunt gone wrong

She reportedly shot him with a .50-caliber pistol while he held a thick book in front of his...

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Strangers buy car for Texas man who walked miles to work

A Texas man’s 3-mile (5 kilometer) daily walk to work has inspired a group of strangers to collect enough money to buy him a...

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Here’s what’s lurking in pool water

You’ll be shocked at what’s lurking in your pool water....

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Man claims flea market shooting was self-defense, charged with attempted murder

Jason Brazel charged with attempted murder, weapons...

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Trump predicts ‘big surprise’ on health care

The president struck an optimistic note the day after Senate Republican leaders scuttled plans for a vote on health care reform this...

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“Cash me ousside” girl pleads guilty to multiple charges

Danielle Bregoli Peskowitz plead guilty to charges of grand theft, grand theft auto, marijuana possession, and filing a false...

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This professor’s email to a single mom who had to miss class over childcare issues is going viral

“In the future, if you are having trouble finding someone to watch [your child], please feel free to just BRING HER with you to...

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More Humidity On Thursday

More Humidity On...

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Man sues sheriff’s department for using excessive force

A man has filed a lawsuit against a Georgia sheriff’s department after he says a deputy failed to identify himself while ramming his car and kicking...

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Deadliest time of year for children is just days away

More children killed, injured in July than any other month, doctors...

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20 years ago, ‘The Bite Fight’ turned boxing on its head

If only social media had been around for Tyson-Holyfield...

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10 best foods at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Here are the best foods at Disney’s Animal...

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Hanson says everyone’s been singing ‘MMMBop’ wrong for 20 years

This might be the most misunderstood song in the last two...

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Carjacking victim’s testimony played in court after her death from cancer

A North Carolina woman with cancer who had her life threatened during a carjacking has died, but her interview with authorities was played in court during the trial for one of the...

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How to prepare your car for a hurricane or severe weather

Hurricane season is here! Learn tips on ways you can minimize damage to your vehicle from dangerous...

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