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Man says he was infected with flesh-eating bacteria after swim at reservoir

A man says a flesh eating bacteria infected his leg after he cut his foot at a Mississippi...

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Mississippi man turns giant hole into hot tub to send a message

A Mississippi man got into a hole full of water in his neighborhood to bring attention to a growing...

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Woman sues casino that offered her steak dinner instead of $43 million jackpot

A slot machine told her she hit a massive jackpot, but the casino claimed it was a machine error and offered her a meal on the...

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School yearbook to be reissued with pro-Trump photos

In a letter to parents, Wall Township School Superintendent Cheryl Dyer says one photo was intentionally altered even though it did not violate the school’s dress...

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Man with knife detained by police outside UK Parliament

A man has been detained by armed police outside the Palace of...

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1 girl dead, another on life-support after ocean rescue

The girls were found floating facedown in the ocean at the New Jersey...

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Photo of firefighters comforting kids involved in crash goes viral

“It’s not always medical treatment we provide”...

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Phish drummer wins local election in Maine hometown

The drummer for the jam band Phish has been elected to his Maine town’s Board of...

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Pitcher Luke Heimlich won’t join Oregon State in Omaha

Oregon State pitcher Luke Heimlich, who as a teenager pleaded guilty to molesting a 6-year-old girl, will not accompany the Beavers to the College World...

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Grief turns to anger in neighborhood near London tower fire

Relatives of those missing after a high-rise tower blaze in London are searching frantically for their loved...

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China police: Bomb behind kindergarten blast; suspect dead

A 22-year-old man made the bomb that exploded at the front gate of a kindergarten in eastern China, killing eight people, including himself, investigators said...

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Father of 18 killed by his own estranged dad

A Detroit father of 18 children was shot and killed by his own estranged...

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At impasse, Cosby jury goes back to work on verdict

A new round of deliberations is raising the prospects that Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial will end with a verdict instead of a hung...

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Report: Woman stole city money to get butt lift

A Florida city says a former employee stole money to get a butt...

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Man makes 7,500-mile trip to donate kidney

A man traveled 7,500 miles to save his cousin’s life, and fulfill his father’s dying...

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Videocast: Partly cloudy, hot, afternoon showers.

Videocast: Partly cloudy, hot, afternoon...

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Russia claims it killed Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi

The Russian military claims it has killed the leader of the Islamic State group in an...

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Teen charged with fatally stabbing dog to avoid pound

Authorities say a central Florida teen stabbed his dog to death so he wouldn’t have to take it to a...

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‘Not going to put up with this’: Police chief vows justice for infant killed in dad’s arms

“Gangsters … killing a 10-month-old boy being held by his father, that’s...

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Beachgoers warned to look out for hypodermic needles after girl stuck in foot

“Unfortunately, these are the times we’re living...

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