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Bank teller throws GPS in bag with stolen cash to nab bank robber

The suspect robbed the bank and drove away, but officers were able to track him because of the GPS...

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Philadelphia has more never-married adults than any other US city

In Philadelphia, nearly 52 percent of adults have never...

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Limbo display at airport drops jaws

World record holder Shemika Charles delivered a stunning limbo display while she was waiting for her flight in...

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Raining $20s: Money falls out of armored car on interstate

Police say a number of people grabbed cash when the back of an armored car opened on Interstate 40 in...

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Inauguration Day Schedule: What you need to know

A schedule of Friday’s...

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Woman, man in custody, 2 women wanted in connection with Greenville car break-ins, police say

A man and woman are in custody and police are looking for two other women in connection with several car break-ins in Greenville, according to Greenville...

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Inauguration Day arrives for Donald Trump; supporters eager for ‘history’

Crowds are flooding Washington D.C. to see America’s 45th president...

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8 people found alive in rubble of avalanche-struck hotel

8 people were found alive in rubble of avalanche-struck hotel, including 2...

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4 killed, several hurt after car strikes pedestrians in Melbourne

A man deliberately drove into a street crowded with pedestrians in Australia’s second-largest city on Friday, killing at least three people and injuring 20 others, police...

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FIFA appoints CONMEBOL president to chair finance panel

FIFA says Alejandro Dominguez of Paraguay leads the new eight-member...

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5 reported alive in rubble of alpine hotel hit by avalanche

5 people are believed to be buried alive in a collapsed hotel, according to Italy...

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Italian police: 5 people buried alive in hotel

Police radio that 5 people believed alive in hotel buried by an avalanche yesterday and request rescue...

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Presidential Inauguration ceremonies held today in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United State Friday at...

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​Britain’s treasury chief: Trump creates new uncertainty for Europe

Britain’s treasury chief says Donald Trump’s accession to the U.S. presidency is likely to create even more uncertainty for...

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Boko Haram attacks camp bombed by Nigeria’s air force

Witnesses say Boko Haram extremists have attacked a refugee camp in northeast Nigeria just days after Nigeria’s air force bombed...

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Syria: IS destroys part of Roman theater in Palmyra

Islamic State group militants destroyed a landmark ancient Roman monument and parts of the theater in Syria’s historic town of...

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British man dies at 2022 World Cup stadium site in Qatar

A British man has died working on World Cup stadium building site in...

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Roberts, target of Trump jabs, meeting Trump at Capitol

Donald Trump and John Roberts are not likely to rehash Trump’s criticism of the chief justice when they meet outside the Capitol at...

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Solange Knowles headlines progressive ‘Peace Ball’

3,000 or so enthusiastic guests packed into the National Museum of African American History and Culture...

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Protesters planning to disrupt Donald Trump’s big day

while the majority of those expected in Washington on Friday will be there to celebrate, some protesters say their plan is to do their best to disrupt the...

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