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Continuing battle with media, Trump avoids news conferences

Lack of press interaction a big change from recent...

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Here’s how to track Santa’s Christmas Eve journey

Jolly Old St. Nick will be loading up his sleigh this...

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Here are the most heartwarming news stories of 2016

Get your tissues ready — here are our picks of 2016’s most touching...

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Law firm gives free Uber rides on New Year’s Eve to cut down on DUI fatalities

A South Carolina law firm is giving away free Uber rides on New Year’s Eve to help cut down on the number of drunk driving fatalities, a representative...

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Meet Dexter, a therapy dog that comforts sick patients at a GA hospice

Dexter cares for the residents at the Hospice of the Golden...

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Get your popcorn ready: The best movies of 2016

From a superhero “Civil War” to an anthropomorphic animal city, it was both a familiar and surprising year at the movie...

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‘Pokemon Go’ arrives on Apple Watch just in time for Christmas

The augmented-reality game has been downloaded more than 500 million times since its launch in...

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Teen accused of sexual assault on young girl at charter school

A teen is accused of a sexual assault on a young girl at an Upstate charter school, deputies said. ...

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1M visitors possible in Columbia in rare event that could be ‘bigger than football’

It’s an event that could temporarily double the Midlands’ population. On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, people in and around the Columbia area will experience a rare...

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Passenger kicked off plane for harassing Ivanka Trump reportedly bragged about it on Twitter

Matthew Lasner has since deleted his Twitter...

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Switzer pulls play fake with media about meeting with Trump

Former coach’s only face-to-face with the president-elect came in...

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NJ town says it’s not responsible for drowned man’s death

A man drowned when the sand collapsed underneath him in...

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Tired of household clutter? Amazon, Goodwill make donating easier through Give Back Box program

The program is completely...

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Trump: US must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability

Donald Trump tweeted in full saying, “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding...

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Green energy producers hopeful despite Trump’s coal promise

Solar, wind power trade groups say there’s no going back after recent...

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Argentina court indicts Bieber over 2013 attack on photographer

Pop star allegedly sent bodyguards to assault man during South American...

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Prosecutors: ‘Making a Murderer’ convict’s confession legal

State attorneys are arguing a Wisconsin prison inmate featured in the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” voluntarily confessed to helping rape and kill a photographer and should remain behind...

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Trump urges veto of UN settlement resolution

President-elect is Donald Trump is urging the United Nations Security Council to veto a draft resolution against Israeli West Bank...

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‘You came home!’ Soldier surprises family during photo with Santa

This holiday soldier reunion in Massachusetts is bound to get to you....

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Lawyer: ‘Patriots Day’ unfair to Boston Marathon bomber’s widow

Attorney says film falsely takes license to show Tsarnaev’s wife knew about...

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