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American pets are getting fatter, says research

It’s not your imagination – U.S. pets are getting heavier, research says....

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Many millennials would rather use emojis than words

How often do you use emojis in texts and online...

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Bill Cosby blasts ‘propaganda’ about ‘sexual assault tour’

Bill Cosby reportedly won’t be going on a tour that will focus on the dangers of sex crime allegations, according to a series of tweets on...

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Body found in Walmart bathroom 3 days after woman was seen

Unaware employees placed an out-of-order sign on the...

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State trooper’s family takes in deer rescued from roadside

Master Trooper Rocky Deitz was responding to a crash when he found a baby...

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NC girl held captive for year rescued after messaging Romanian woman

A woman in Romania helped FBI agents rescue a North Carolina girl who had been held captive for more than a...

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Good Samaritan beat up, shamed after trying to help toddler

A Florida man who tried to help a lost toddler was beat up and then shamed online by the girls’ parents, police...

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Snapchat’s ‘Snap Map’ may be dangerous for young users, police warn

Snapchat’s ‘Snap Map’ may be dangerous for young...

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Survey shows SC drivers are some of the rudest in the country

A survey by Kars4Kids shows South Carolina drivers are some of the rudest in the...

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This couple lost 600 pounds together by following one specific diet

Ronnie and Andrea met at the gym, lost 458 and 120 pounds, respectively, and recently got...

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Senate to delay vote on health care bill until after July 4 recess

The measure was facing significant pushback from moderate...

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Cake Boss shuts down his bakeries worldwide in memory of his mother

All stores worldwide will go dark to mourn the Valastro...

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LIVESTREAM: White House press briefing

Sean Spicer speaks to reporters in Washington, D.C....

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National Guard sergeant accused of inappropriately touching female subordinate

Alleged incident happened while soldiers were standing in...

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Should you upgrade to Apple’s iOS 11 public beta?

Should you upgrade to Apple’s iOS 11 public beta?...

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WHOA BABY: Newborn tips the scales at 14.4 pounds

A South Carolina woman is now the proud mother of a big — really big — bundle of...

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Meet the jolly green lady of Brooklyn

Everything in Elizabeth Sweetheart’s life is green....

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Man quits corporate job to start pooper scooper business

An Alabama man quit his mundane corporate job and started his on doggie doo disposal business....

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This is how you should be carrying a car seat

If the photo on the left is how you’ve been holding your car seat this whole time, you’ve been doing it all...

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Coroner called to crash in Spartanburg County

The Spartanburg County coroner has been called to a crash on East Main...

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