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Missing black girls in DC spark outrage, prompt calls for federal help

Two months ago, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department’s new commander, Chanel Dickerson, made a pledge: Let’s find our missing...

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Missing 12-year-old’s family ‘devastated’ as they continue search into night, relative says

The disappearance of an Upstate 12-year-old is being treated as a runaway situation, officials said Friday...

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Diver pulls hook from shark’s belly

The shark swam to the diver, looking for...

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Man told last name too offensive to be on license plate

A Canadian provincial government has withdrawn a man’s eponymous personalized vehicle license plate, saying the surname is offensive to women when viewed on his car...

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US military investigating if airstrikes caused nearly 300 civilian deaths

Civilian casualties have been alleged in all three instances, but each situation is different and complex, a US defense official...

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Harrison Ford says he was distracted when he flew over plane

An audio recording of Ford’s conversation about the Feb. 13 incident was released Friday by the Federal Aviation...

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Final Four court assembled in Arizona’s NFL stadium

Eight days before the competition begins, a shiny new basketball court has been laid in place for the Final...

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Man sentenced in death of pregnant ex-girlfriend in Hawaii

A judge sentenced a man Friday to life in prison with the possibility of parole in the murder of his ex-girlfriend who disappeared while pregnant with his child in...

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Parent left loaded gun in bag of snacks for son, says Connecticut police

Sgt. Simon Blanc said Stamford police were notified that a 14-year-old boy returned to a Litchfield facility with a loaded 9 mm pistol after visiting his family on...

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Sweet 16 newcomer South Carolina faces Baylor in East Region

The No. 7 seed South Carolina Gamecocks (24-10) take on the No. 3 seed Baylor Bears (27-7) Friday night in Madison Square...

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Trump and Mnuchin say focus will turn to tax reform

President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Friday that the administration will now focus on gaining congressional approval for a sweeping tax overhaul...

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North Korea ready to conduct nuclear test, US officials say

Recent satellite imagery indicates a potentially significant change at the Punggye-ri test site, the officials said....

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Dems gleeful after Obamacare victory

Democrats erupted in glee Friday afternoon after dozens of Republicans spurned their party leadership and the White House to keep Obamacare alive, at least for...

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Health officials confirm syphilis outbreak in Oklahoma County

Health officials confirmed Friday an outbreak of more than 75 diagnosed syphilis cases in Oklahoma County connected to a specific social network between the ages of 14 and 47 years old....

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Man charged in theft of Legend’s bag, $25K cufflinks at JFK

Authorities have cuffed a man charged with stealing Grammy winner John Legend’s Louis Vuitton bag containing $25,000 Cartier cufflinks from an airport luggage cart in New...

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Sheriff shows off drugs, cash, guns confiscated during Operation Rolling Thunder

Law enforcement officers from different parts of South Carolina spent the week in Spartanburg County as part of the annual interstate interdiction blitz known as Operation Rolling...

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Greenville man who sexually assaulted child for years is sentenced

A 35-year-old Greenville man who sexually assaulted a young girl for five years was convicted and sentenced this...

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Ex-Penn State president convicted of 1 count of child endangerment over handling of Sandusky scandal

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier was convicted on the first count of child endangerment, not guilty on a second count of child endangerment, and not guilty of conspiracy over his handling of the Sandusky...

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College students are abusing sea creatures while on spring break

This is...

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LIVE: Ryan to speak regarding fate of GOP health care bill

Trump has said he wants Republicans to pass the bill or live with Obamacare remaining...

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