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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman stuffs 17 bottles of alcohol under clothes

A woman was recently caught on camera stuffing bottles of alcohol into her purse and underneath her...

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Eclipse crowds may have doubled Wyoming’s population

The least populated state in the nation has seen total eclipses before but likely never as many...

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State Dept. issues travel warning for some areas in Mexico

The U.S. State Department has issued a new travel warning for certain areas of Mexico....

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This is the age when people start hating their jobs

Are you there...

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Watch Live: Trump expected to call for ‘new unity’ after heated campaign rally

“We are one people, with one home, and one flag,” the president is expected to say during his speech in...

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Shark takes a bite out of paddleboard on popular beach

A shark bit a paddleboard off the coast of Cape Cod, forcing officials to close a popular...

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Greenville County Sheriff talks about experience with ‘Live PD’ show

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis said he will leave it up to deputies as to whether or not the Sheriff’s Office will participate in A&E’s Live PD show in the...

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State Department Science Envoy spells ‘impeach’ in resignation letter to Trump

Professor Daniel M. Kammen used the first letter in each of his seven-paragraph resignation he tendered to Trump to spell out the word...

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Taylor Swift officially announces her new album and single

So that’s what all the snake posts were...

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‘Inspiring’ teen with Down syndrome proves she belongs on cheer squad

The Missouri girl was asked to learn 10 cheers, and now she knows close to...

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Elon Musk just revealed the SpaceX space suit’s design

The first people Musk sends to space will be going in style....

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This is why plane windows never line up with your seat

Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with safety....

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Man claims he dragged, restrained girlfriend because pregnancy made her ‘hysterical,’ deputies say

A 39-year-old Upstate man told deputies he physically restrained his girlfriend because her pregnancy caused her to be in a “hysterical...

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Fast-food franchisee confronted over ‘disgusting’ kitchen videos: ‘Too bad’

The owner mixed sauces with his bare hands, grabbed utensils from a pile of dirty dishes and even implemented the five-second...

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5-year-old found dead, daycare worker arrested

Kamden Johnson’s body was found in the woods by a group of children....

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Upstate student being treated for viral meningitis, school district confirms

A student at Buffalo Elementary in Union County is being treated for viral meningitis, Jeff Stribble with Union County Schools,...

Here’s the entire U.S. Navy fleet in one chart

Not to scale,...

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Many mothers aren’t putting babies to sleep correctly — and it’s risking their lives

This new study’s findings are very concerning....

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Dad, daughters bond with braids

Joe Cafeo started the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory to help dads bond with their little girls with...

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Student arrested, accused of punching teacher

Police say they arrested a high school student that punched a teacher several...

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