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Upstate woman admits she shot former roommate, kept shooting until he was quiet

A 22-year-old Upstate woman shot her former roommate, and kept shooting until he stopped moaning. She was sentenced Thursday for...

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Drugged driving surpasses drunken driving among drivers killed in crashes, report finds

Driving under the influence of drugs was deadlier in 2015 than driving while drunk, a new report found....

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High school graduating class gets special caps & gowns

There’s a school in South Carolina that has an unusual way of outfitting its graduating...

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NFL Draft No. 1 Selections: Who will it be for 2017?

The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft will begin Thursday at 8 p.m....

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Reebok trolls Nordstrom ‘muddy’ jeans with $425 sweaty T-shirt

Just one day after Nordstrom faced mockery after releasing men’s jeans with a fake mud coating and a price tag of $425, Reebok joined in on the...

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Toyota recalls 228,000 Tacoma trucks

The company said Thursday that the recall applies to certain 2016 and 2017 Tacoma...

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Chip Gaines has been sued by his two former business partners

They’re seeking more than $1...

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Fans aboard ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride surprised by Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp surprised fans in Disneyland in the best...

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Heineken debuts politically-charged, anti-Pepsi ad

Heineken is hitting the right note with its latest commercial after a recent blunder by Pepsi....

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Everyone loves this poor fat beaver who got stuck in a fence

It’s okay little guy, we’ve all been...

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Live streaming radar

Live streaming radar from WYFF4...

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School bus with dozens of students on board slides off road, officials say

The bus had 30 students from Blue Ridge middle and high schools on...

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Video shows what happened inside school bus during moments after head-on crash, before fire

The video of what happened inside a Greenville County school bus in the moments after a head-on collision has been...

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This kit turns almost any item into a computer mouse

Yes, it’s a toy. Yes, it’s for grownups. Yes, we want...

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McDonald’s receives backlash after announcing discontinuation of popular drink

Who loves orange soda? The entire internet does, apparently....

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South Dakota man claims he found mouse in Coca-Cola can

A South Dakota man who claims to have found a mouse in a can of soda is suing Coca-Cola Co., saying he missed 60 hours of work and accumulated $1,000 in medical bills after becoming...

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How to make the perfect Mint Julep

Get Derby-ready with these Mint Julep...

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8 things you need to know before shopping at Aldi

Two employees revealed some insider secrets about the famously affordable grocery...

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Party Animal recalls dog food that may contain euthanasia drug

Earlier this month, a retailer in Texas notified Party Animal that samples of the product tested positive for the controlled...

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These Marine Creatures Live Inside Of A Volcano!

Is it possible for marine life to live inside of a volcano? The Kavachi volcano is one of the most active marine craters on earth....

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